La Collina Omihachiman

La Collina Omihachiman

An exterior that attracts one’s attention and makes one ask, "What is this building?" It's in fact Taneya Club's flagship store, La Collina Omihachiman, expanded to include both the Japanese and Western confectionary shops, Taneya Club and Club Harie.
The confectionery ingredients are blessedly natural.
To love nature, to learn from nature, and to live together with nature; with this as its concept, the store's interior is a reproduction of Omi's landscape of the heart.
It includes Japanese and Western confectionery shops, as well as a cafe and bread bakery.
What we really want you to try here is the baumkuchen.
The fluffiness and taste of baumkuchen upon its completion is something you will never forget once you've tried it once.

25 minutes by car from the hotel

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