Kawazu Cherry Blossoms and Mount Fuji

The Kawazu cherry blossoms are in full bloom in the Numazu City, Ita area. Along with Mount Fuji and the cherry blossoms, you might even be able to see some warbling white-eyes. The photos were taken two days ago.
(50minutes by car from the hotel)



Observation Deck on Mt. Hattanjo

Mt. Hattanjo is a mountain with an altitude of 410 meters and a little known spot where you see Mt. Fuji and Awashima in the middle of Suruga Bay from the Observation Deck.
The Observation Deck is located about 15 minutes from Nagahama bus stop.
(30minutes by car from the hotel)



Autumn Leaves at a Theme Park

Niji no Sata is a theme park of flowers and greenery. With an area of approximately 50 hectares, it is a place where adults and children can enjoy, with a steam locomotive running through the park, areas modeled after overseas villages, a Japanese garden, and a large jungle gym.
During the season of autumn leaves, approximately 2,000 trees, including maple trees, turn red and yellow. The park is illuminated at night from November 16th to December 1st. The best time to visit each year is from mid-November to early December.
(20 minutes by car from the hotel)



Homemade Brown Sugar Tapioca

Experience the chewy texture of authentic Taiwanese tapioca at "Tapioca Cafe Musubi" at Shuzenji Onsen. Handmade and free of additives, the cafe takes the time every morning to freshly make homemade brown sugar tapioca. The cafe also uses locally produced Izu milk to make tapioca drinks. How about trying it surrounded by the cafe's warm wooden decor, or taking it with you on a stroll through the onsen town.
(11 minutes by car from the hotel)



The Dance of Light

The annual "Firefly Evening" is now being held at Akagaeru Park at Shuzenji Hot Springs. (Until June 9th)
The best time for viewing is around 8:00 p.m.
(15 minutes by car from the hotel)



A majestic view of Suruga Bay and Mt. Fuji

Satta Pass is known for its majestic views of Suruga Bay and Mt. Fuji, as depicted by Hiroshige Utagawa in "The Fifty-three Stations of the Tokaido."
Long ago it was a perilous pass linking Yui-shuku and Okitsu-shuku on the Tokaido road, but today it is a famous photography spot featuring the backdrop of Mt. Fuji.
An observation deck overlooking Satta Pass can be accessed via an approximately 42-minute walk from JR Okitsu Station or an approximately 50-minute walk from JR Yui Station. A hiking course between Okitsu Station and Yui Station is also available.
(90 minutes by car from the hotel)



The blossoms have bloomed about 70-80%

This is a picture taken this morning of the Laforet Resort Shuzenji--the location of the Izu Marriott Hotel Shuezenji.



Kawazu-zakura Cherry Blossoms

Kawazu-zakura Cherry Blossoms as of the 18th. The blossoms are expected to be in full bloom on the 20th. (60 minutes by car from the hotel)




Bokunenjin is located by the side of a bamboo grove path in Shuzenji Hot Spring Resorts. It is a famous Soba ....more information



Toi Sakura

Toi Sakura, as we also mentioned last year, is the first to bloom in Japan every year. This kind of sakura is precious because it only blooms in Toi, which is located on the west coast of Izu City. The flowering season lasts from the beginning of January through mid-February. Visitors may also enjoy the bloom along with light shows from January 19th to February 3rd. (40 minutes by car from the hotel)



Best time for viewing

The autumn colors today at Shuzenji. (20 minutes by car from the hotel)



Ikadaba Wasabi Fields

Ikadaba Wasabi Field is one of ten terrace fields selected to represent Shizuoka Prefecture. As you enter the area, you are met with the sight of approximately 15 hectares (large enough to ....more information



A superb view of Mount Fuji and Suruga Bay

To enjoy an amazing view of Mt Fuji and the magnificent Suruga Bay, head to Izunokuni Panorama Park, an exceptional sightseeing spot even for Izu. Izunokuni Panorama Park's landmark is, without doubt, the park ropeway. As you slowly rise up the ropeway's 1800m length and 452m elevation, you can see the streets of Izunokuni and Izunagaoka Onsen, as well as Mt. Fuji itself, come into view — a truly moving experience. At the summit, you can take in a view of the sweeping landscape. In particular, the Fujimi Terrace, completed in July 2016, offers many ways to relax as you gaze at the scenery. Limited to 6 seats, the premium lounge (fee payable, reservations required) offers the feel of your own private room. The sofa area is the ideal spot to take photos with Mt. Fuji and Suruga Bay as a backdrop. Katsuragi Saryo, with its Japanese-modern design, features a wooden deck set along the slope, allowing you to enjoy tea or a meal as you take in the view.
Another attraction is the flowers that change from season to season. In spring, you can enjoy cherry blossoms and azaleas, in summer, hydrangeas and lilies, in autumn, trees tinged with red and yellow, and in winter, Kawazu cherry and plum blossoms.
There is also a foot spa and an athletics ground that both children and adults can enjoy.
If you'd like to see a spectacular view, this is a spot not to be missed. (30 minutes by car from the hotel)



Rows of cherry trees about 6 km long

While the rows of cherry trees in Kawazu are 4 km long, there are rows of cherry trees along the Naka River in Matsuzaki that are 1.5 times that length.
Here, too, they reached full bloom on March 27th. At night, they are also illuminated.
It is also possible to ride in a canoe and view the cherry blossoms from there.
In the area near the rows of cherry trees, there is a flower garden in a rice field that is also beautiful. (70 minutes by car from the hotel)



Full Bloom

The cherry blossoms on the grounds of the La Foret Resort Shuzenji, in which the Izu Marriott Hotel Shuzenji is located, are now in full bloom. These pictures were taken yesterday.
The ninth picture shows the cherry blossoms along the Kano River, which is just several minutes on foot from Shuzenji Station.
What's more, the weeping cherry trees (shown in the 10th picture) located 20 minutes away by car from the hotel are famous in the area, and now is the best time to see them as well.



Quick Access to Cherry Blossoms

Picture-perfect cherry blossom trees can be enjoyed within the grounds of the La Foret Resort Shuzenji, in which the Izu Marriott Hotel Shuzenji is located. Enjoy cherry blossom viewing with no need to travel far away.
The best time to view the blossoms most years is between the end of March and beginning of April.



One of the best and most popular events on the Izu Peninsula

Kawazu-zakura cherry trees are famous for blooming early. Unlike Somei-yoshino cherry trees, whose flowers fall as quickly as they bloom, Kawazu features flowers that bloom for about a full month. This breed of tree is said to have started with a sapling that was accidentally discovered and then raised in the town of Kawazu in 1955.
The "Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival" is held from February 10th to March 10th. Rows of cherry trees extend for about 4km along a stretch of the Kawazu River, painting the whole town a cherry-blossom pink, and many shops pop up and people gather in the area to enjoy the view. The scene can also be enjoyed at night, when the trees are illuminated and take on an enchanting aura. (60 minutes by car from the hotel)



Japan's earliest-blooming cherry trees

In Toi, you can view the "Toi Sakura," cherry trees that are the first in Japan to start blooming. There are two types, dark pink and light pink, and they start blooming in early January, with the peak of their blossoms happening in late January and early February. Their flower stalks are long, with six or seven flowers on each branch, coloring the entire trees with a gorgeous red color.
The history of Toi Sakura trees starts around 1958, when Hokkaido University professor emeritus Yoshio Ogawa took a liking to an early-blooming cherry tree and created grafts of it to increase this type of tree.
These Toi Sakura are illuminated for a limited time, creating a magical scene that combines cherry trees with a swathe of stars that light up the winter night sky.(40 minutes by car from the hotel)



Super Moon

The moon changes in size every day. "Super Moon" is referred to a full moon when the distance between the moon and the earth is at its closest. This year the super moon was observed on January 2nd, approximately 14% larger and 30% brighter than the smallest full moon. In the picture, you can see Heda Bay and the Cape of Heda.(40 minutes by car from the hotel)



Mishima Skywalk

This suspension bridge is the longest in Japan at 400-meters, and is so named because it "feels like you are walking through the sky." From the bridge you can see Mt. Fuji and Suruga Bay. It received the Good Design Award in 2017 for the beauty of its design. The adjacent shop offers local delicacies like Mishima croquettes and strawberry daifuku (rice cakes). (50 minutes by car from the hotel)



Asahi Falls

The name comes from the brilliance of the water when illuminated by the sun. The water drops approximately 100 meters. On the surface of the waterfall ....more information



Shuzenji Okunoin

Okunoin is said to be the place where 18-year-old Kukai to undergo spiritual training in 791. In this place, you can see the statue of Kobo Daish(Kukai), getting wet by the splashing water from Aunno Taki (waterfall), and also Gomadan, the trainee stone. Last year December, "Gomado" , which was destroyed by typhoon, was newly built. The landscape between Shuzenji hot spring town and Okunoin still retains the landscape of “Satoyama”, and is a popular hiking course during the period of cherry blossoms and autumn leaves. (33 minutes by car from the hotel)



Halloween Train

Decorated with Halloween-themed collages created by collage artists from Shuzenji and elementary school students from the Izu area, the Halloween Train will run between Mishima and Shuzenji stations on the Izuhakone Railway for a limited time only. Come and experience quality that a photograph cannot capture! (2-11 round trips per day) (16 minutes by car from the hotel)



Izu aiming to brand Izu venison lunch

Izu City is aiming to brand Izu venison. Venison is low in fat and calories, and high in protein and iron. Izu City built a meat processing center in order to offer safe and yummy Venison. And you can enjoy Izu venison dishes at the restaurant Shuzenji No Yoshokuya. The Japanese-style Izu venison Rice Bowl dressed in soy sauce is exquisite! Enjoy with a fork and spoon made from deer antlers. You can also buy the local artists' works of art at the adjoining gallery. (15 minutes by car from the hotel)



Hozo-in Temple

Hozo-in Temple means temple which was established to spread the teachings of the Great Buddha. The magical stone, "Stone of 'i' character", which is said to be the fate stone of the Great Buddha, still remains. The main temple gate is the oldest structure in the Amagi Yugashima region, and is recognized as a cultural property of the city of Izu. It is said to be designed by Hidari Jingoro. (13 minutes by car from the hotel)



Enjoy chills and thrills

Experience canyoning near the hotel. Canyoning is an outdoor sport that originated in Europe and involves going down a valley by walking or swimming. Enjoy chills and thrills simultaneously during the hot summer, sliding down waterfalls, or jumping into waterfall basins. Beginner courses and parent and child (minimum 11 years old) courses are available. (hosted by Izu Adventure Support) (30 minutes by car from the hotel)



Shuzenji Hot Springs

Many sightseeing spots can be found along the Katsura River, which flows through the center of town. The first is....more information



Mt. Fuji at night

A dimly visible Mt. Fuji towers over its surroundings in the beautiful nightscape as photographed from Mr. Daruma Plateau Rest House. The view in combination with the skyline is exceptional.(25 minutes by car from the hotel)



A tree-climbing experience on hotel grounds

You can now challenge yourself with a tree-climbing experience (using ropes and climbing gear) in our forest on the hotel grounds of the Laforet Resort Shuzenji - on the premises of the Izu Marriott Hotel Shuzenji. Enjoy a breathtaking and unprecedented view from the tops of the trees. Here, you can not only have fun tree-climbing, but also relax and enjoy yourself on our hammocks - called "tree boats." Tree-climbing - an experience to be enjoyed by everyone - from adults to children. Befriend a tree, and develop and experience the feeling of cherishing nature. (¥1,500 (tax included) * Advance reservation required (same-day admission pending availability).



Shuzenji Temple

Shuzenji Temple is said to have been established by Kobo Daishi (Kukai) in 807. The temple is also....more information



Enjoy the view of Shuzenji Temple with a sweet treat

"Issekian" is the only cafe in the hot spring town of Shuzenji where you can enjoy the view of Shuzenji Temple from across the river, whilst indulging in a sweet treat. Our cafes' recommended dish is our "Cream Shiratama Dumpling Adzuki Bean" dish. The adzuki beans are large, with a plump texture and gentle sweetness to them. The Shiratama dumpling is springy and goes perfectly with a dollop of cold ice-cream in summer. You can take in the historic atmosphere of the town whilst relaxing away at our cafe.(15 minutes by car from the hotel)



A ramen shop that's open only three days a week

Izu Amakara-ya is a ramen shop that is only open on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. It initially opened as a shop specializing in curry, but later leaped into fame when it started serving ramen. I recommend the "spice soy sauce ramen" (850¥). The soup is made with over 15 types of spices. This unique dish has a flavor that tastes like nothing you've had before. The interior is reminiscent of a traditional Japanese house; it's a very calm and relaxing space.(30 minutes by car from the hotel)



Odoriko Walkway

The Odoriko Walkway leads from the foot of Joren Falls to Yugano, Kawazu. The 18.5km-long route—named after the great writer Yasunari Kawabata's masterpiece, "Izu no Odoriko" (The Dancing Girl of Izu)—passes through the Seven Falls of Kawazu and the Old Amagi Tunnel. Like Kawabata's quote, "Crossing Amagi is the heart of traveling Izu," the walkway allows you to fully enjoy the forests, history, and hot springs.



Early summer feature

At Akagaeru Park, guests can enjoy whimsical and beautiful firefly lights in the dark every year (this year's viewing will end on June 4th.) Time: 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. (8 p.m. is prime viewing time.)(15 minutes by car from the hotel)



The hot spring town filled with emotion

This is the evening scenery of the Shuzenji hot spring town. The area is filled with small bamboo paths, historical Buddhist temples and shrines, as well as refined hot spring hotels. You can also enjoy the charming little Kyoto.(15 minutes by car from the hotel)



Mt. Fuji from the Nishi-Izu Skyline

This view of Mt. Fuji is just a 30-minute drive away from the hotel. The Nishi-Izu Skyline is a popular spot for drivers, riders, cyclists, and even hikers.



Mamezakura (bean cherry blossom) of Darumayama

In places at high altitude close to Mount Fuji, such as Izu and Hakone, cherry blossoms with small petals bloom. The name they are called varies from place to place; they are called Mamezakura (bean cherry blossom) in Izu, Komezaku in Hakone (rice cherry blossom), and near Mount Fuji and Yamanashi they are called Fuji blossom. Near to Darumayama in Izu, the fresh shoots of spring and the pastel colored cherry blossom weave together for a beautiful view in the spring. (20 minutes by car from the hotel)