Omi Hachiman

Omi Hachiman

In the Omi Hachiman area, the traditions of riverside life and Omi merchants live on. It is a townscape still reminiscent of its glory days as a Toyotomi-period castle down that has now been designated a National Preservation District for Traditional Buildings. The Shiga merchants active from the Edo period to the early Showa period were known as Omi merchants. They ventured across the country shouldering their carrying poles and living by the spirit of triple satisfaction (seller, buyer, and public satisfaction), giving rise to numerous influential merchants. This richly atmospheric town that interweaves splendid merchants houses with riverside life is drawing the attention of travelers at home and abroad. Moreover, there are plenty of cafes and such that make the most of the merchant houses in the area, so we recommend that you enjoy some lunch or tea while looking out over the waterway. Taking a river cruise around the district has become a tourist favorite as it allows you to appreciate the flowers of every season.

30 minutes by car from the hotel


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