Aragijima is known for its beautiful scenery, selected as one of Japan's top 100 rice terraces, and is located in the town of Aridagawa, in the northwestern part of the Kii Peninsula. In 2013 it was also designated as a national important cultural scenery together with the surrounding views, as the "Mountain Farming Village Views of Aragijima, Mita, and Shimizu." It was the 36th important cultural scenery to be selected nationwide, and the first for Wakayama Prefecture. Aragijima were new rice fields developed by Sukedayu Kasamatsu in 1655, who had been working on village revitalization by investing his own funds into outfitting irrigation channels and other facilities. These rice fields have an area of about 2.8 hectares, and there are 54 water-filled rice paddies. You can see beautiful scenery through all four seasons in the fan-shaped rice terraces that run along the Arida River, which beckons photographers. There are also events held here, such as a candle illumination in September and festive lights in December.

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