In between Wakayama Prefecture and Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture there are four uninhabited islands that comprise Tomogashima: Okinoshima, Jinoshima, Torajima, and Kamishima.
From the Meiji period until the end of the World War II, these islands were used as forts by the former Japanese Army, and there still remain gun battery and ammunition depot sites as ruins. The most interesting spot is in Okinoshima, the "Third Gun Battery Site" which is well preserved, and retains the original form almost the same as that at the time of the war.
It is also famous for its resemblance to the world of the "castle in the sky" featured in the film Laputa: Castle in the Sky, and is a favorite spot for Laputa fans.
Visitors can also feel the ambience of a setting so dilapidated that one might forget that it is in Japan.

140 minutes by car and steamer from the hotel


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