Mampei Hotel

Mampei Hotel

One of Japan's three big classic hotels, and a symbol of Karuizawa founded more than 120 years ago.
In 1764, Man'emon Sato founded Kameya, the inn that would later beome Mampei Hotel. In 1894, his descendant Mampei Sato opened Kameya Hotel. The hotel's name was changed to Mampei Hotel in 1902, and since then, many famous people have stayed there, including Yukio Mishima and John Lennon.
From the outside, it resembles a European mountain retreat. Inside, the lighting creates a retro atmosphere that makes you feel as if you've traveled back in time, and you'll find imposing furniture and stained glass at every turn. There are five types of guest room, including those of the well-known Alps building, constructed in 1936, and the Usui building. Depending on the type of room, you can find shoji doors made of glass, furniture carved in the Karuizawa style, clawfoot bathtubs, and other items only seen at Mampei Hotel. The room that John Lennon stayed in is extremely popular.
At the café terrace, you can enjoy royal milk tea, made with a recipe given to us by John Lennon, as well as traditional apple pie. There's also an archives room, where John Lennon's favorite piano is displayed, allowing visitors to feel the rich history.
Surrounded by fresh greens in spring and summer, red leaves in autumn, and snow in winter, visitors can enjoy a different kind of beauty every time they visit.
It's a great hotel for those who want to enjoy a peaceful, quiet time in Karuizawa.

16 minutes by car from the hotel


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