Karuizawa New Art Museum

Karuizawa New Art Museum

The two-story glass building that appears before you as you walk straight from Karuizawa Station along the main street is Karuizawa New Art Museum. This museum collects mainly high-quality artwork from the end of the war to the present day, examines it from new perspectives, and shares it within Japan and abroad. Exhibitions held in this museum create new avenues to meet the anticipation of enthusiasts overseas.
The museum has 4 galleries and 6 exhibition halls, where thematic displays and regular exhibitions are held respectively. There are also banquet rooms, restaurants, as well as shops with a great selection of art products, art books, and other items.
Workshops and talk shows catering to both adults and children are also held in the museum. Moreover, the museum can be booked for wedding ceremonies where you can choose from two different venues: the birch and oak forest chapel that is steeped in nature, or the elegant space of the art museum.
Whether you are on a casual stroll or spending one of the most important days of your life, everyone can enjoy a wonderful time here.

13 minutes by car from the hotel


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