The Miyako Islands are surrounded by one of the most beautiful seas in the Far East. After arriving at Miyako Airport, why not take a drive to admire the peaceful weather and natural beauty. Cross bridges from Miyako Island to Ikema, Kurima and Irabu Islands. Stroll through primeval forests and drop by villages to experience the culture and ponder its long history. Come meal time, discover the colorful local cuisine made from distinctive local ingredients including seafood. The sun and sea promise wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.



    By plane
    Naha Airport > Miyako Airport (approx. one hour)
    Tokyo Haneda Airport> Miyako Airport (approx. three hour)
    Chubu Centrair International Airport> Miyako Airport (approx. 150 minutes)
    Kansai International Airport> Miyako Airport (approx. 130 minutes)
    Fukuoka Airport> Miyako Airport (approx. two hour)