Cherry Blossoms at Full Bloom in Oshino Hakkai (The Eight Springs of Oshino)

These are photos of the cherry blossoms at Oshino Hakkai (1st photo) and Lake Kawaguchi (2nd & 3rd photo) yesterday.
At Lake Kawaguchi, the cherry blossoms are starting to fall off the trees while at Oshino Hakkai, they have just reached full bloom today.
Oshino Hakkai(20 minutes by car from the hotel)
Lake Kawaguchi(50 minutes by car from the hotel)



Mount Fuji and Autumn Colors

Autumn colors seen from the panoramic viewing platform the day before yesterday and the appearance of kochia and autumn colors from Oishi Park, next to Lake Kawaguchi.
Panorama Platform(10 minutes by car from the hotel)
Oishi Park(45 minutes by car from the hotel)



A Very Japanese Scene!

This spot, well known for its cherry blossoms, is just a five minute walk from 'Oshino Hakkai', the tourist area of Lake Yamanaka.
Visitors delight at the enchanting view of the Shinnasho River, lined with over 400m of cherry trees, the babbling brooks, and the old-fashioned wooden bridge known as 'Daimon-bashi', all set against the backdrop of Mt Fuji itself.
The best time for visiting is mid to late April.
(20 minutes by car from the hotel)



A mystical moment

"Diamond Fuji" is the mystical moment when the sun rests on top of Mount Fuji. You can enjoy that spectacle from the middle of October until February. Also, Lake Yamanaka is famous even as a sacred place for Diamond Fuji.
The sun rests upon the summit at sunrise and sunset. However, from Lake Yamanaka, Diamond Fuji can be seen only at sunset.
We recommend viewing Diamond Fuji during February, when the weather is stable.



Recommended spots for photographing autumn leaves

Recommended spots on the banks of very popular Lake Kawaguchi, where there is a composition of Mt. Fuji and autumn leaves. Near the famous "Autumn Leaves Tunnel where the road is covered with autumn leaves.
From the third photo onward, the "Autumn Leaf Corridor" about fifteen minutes by car which is also a famous spot.
The best time to see them is usually the middle of November. (50 minutes by car from the hotel)



Shindo Pass

A recommended photography view spot where you can capture the whole Mt. Fuji all the way to the foot of the mountain. The lake below is Lake Kawaguchi.
You can also take a photo of the beautiful night view, a collaboration of the town's lights with Mt. Fuji.
(62 minutes by car from the hotel)



Mt. Fuji and moss phlox

It is now the best time to see mos phlox. The moss phlox festival will take place until May 26th. (60 minutes by car from the hotel)



Moon Road

Mt. Fuji and Moon Road, shot from Yamanakako lake shore around 6:00 a.m. (7 minutes by car from the hotel)



Enjoy a stroll through the autumn colors.

This year's annual Sunset Shore, Autumn Leaves Festival will be held from October 26th until November 11th. The highlight is the nearly 600-meter pathway lit up by red foliage. Its beauty will make you forget the chilly weather. (10 minutes by car from the hotel)



Peaches to Grapes

As the peach harvest nears its end, we are moving into the grape season here at La Pesca cafe. Our Grape Parfait is shown here in the image. Besides being Instagram-worthy, the taste of this parfait also exceeds the Peach Jewel that was ranked No. 1 in our menu. (70 minutes by car from the hotel)



In season earlier than usual

The sunflowers in Hananomiyako Park have come into season earlier than usual. If the timing is right, you can also get a wonderful photograph of them together with Mount Fuji. (15 minutes by car from the hotel)



A cafe peach lovers can't resist

Also featured last year, "La Pesca" is a cafe featuring an open terrace. The cafe serves sweets and freshly harvested peaches from peach farmers. Its most popular item is the "peach jewel" parfait. Peach jewel is a parfait made with an entire peach, irresistible to peach lovers. The fresh gelato made with freshly harvested fruit is also recommended for its cream-like texture. (70 minutes by car from the hotel)



A place where you'll get to feel like Tarzan

"Forest Adventure Fuji", opened in 2006, is the first Japanese edition of La Forêt de l'Aventure (a French natural theme park), where visitors can see nearby Mt. Fuji from this outdoor park where the land is preserved in its original, natural state. The standard course includes scaffolding structures called platforms, by which visitors can clear various hurdles as they move among the trees to reach the goal. Also added are new activities - such as a survival game using laser guns, and a pump track circuit for mountain and BMX bikes - offering ways to play for everyone, from young children to adults. (30 minutes by car from the hotel)



Nemophila flowers

Nemophila flowers, beautifully contrasted with the sky of Hananomiyako Park. The best time to view them is up to mid-June. (15 minutes by car from the hotel)



Walk with an official guide

Walk around Mt. Fuji and the surrounding areas with an official guide from Fujikawaguchiko on the "Fuji Eco Tour." When you explore Mt. Fuji with a professional guide, you'll encounter plenty of new discoveries and wonderful experiences.
Explore a total of 10 courses, such as a trek into lava caves located deep in the Aokigahara Forest, with a return to view the gigantic trees (including beech trees over 400 years old), a hidden spot known as the "Japanese Grand Canyon," a stroll through a promenade in a conifer forest, and a climb up Mt. Kofuji ("Small Fuji"). These are special experiences that are only possible here.



Pink Carpet

The Fuji Shibazakura Festival will be held from April 14 to May 27 (as scheduled). About 800,000 pink Shibazakura will cover the landscape in their full glory with Mount Fuji in the background. Shibazakura blossoms around April/May, and has peach or white colored flower of around 1.5 cm in diameter. The flowers are similar in shape to cherry blossoms, and are called Shibazakura as the flowers grow over the ground like a lawn.
You can enjoy a wide variety of flower besides Shibazakura at the festival. It takes 30 minutes by bus to get there from Kawaguchigo Station, and direct bus services (reservation required) are also available from Shinjuku, Shinagawa, and Yokohama. (60 minutes by car from the hotel)



Mt. Fuji and a Five-Storied Pagoda

Looking out on Mt. Fuji from Arakurayama Sengen Park makes for a superb viewing spot which fascinates not only the people of Japan but visitors from abroad as well. You have to climb 397 stairs to see this view (ramp available), but the amazing view at the top will make you forget how tired you are.
The location is always bustling with tourists in the spring because it allows for one to capture Mt. Fuji, a five-storied pagoda (Chureito), and cherry blossoms all in a single photograph. (The pagoda is a memorial monument for those who died in war.)
This picture was taken on an evening in late February. The setting sun painted the foot of Mt. Fuji red, and it was quite beautiful.
The combination of Mt. Fuji and the pagoda, the appearance of which changes moment by moment depending on the weather and time of day, is a beautiful sight that never grows old. (40 minutes by car from the hotel)



Iconic Scenes of Japan

Enjoy views of a classic Japanese thatched-roof village along with Mt. Fuji in all her glory at Saiko Iyashi no Sato Nenba. This is a beautiful replica of a village, formerly located in the Nenba region but was devastated by natural disaster in 1966.
In the village buildings you can try your hand at local cultural activities such as making votive lanterns, or you can shop for local products and enjoy a meal. At "Hinomiya" you can also rent armor, helmets, kimono, and ninja costumes. This is a popular spot for overseas visitors with plenty of photo opportunities featuring traditional Japanese culture. (60 minutes by car from the hotel)



Ice Candles and Mt. Fuji

The Ice Candle Festival will be held on February 17th only, at Yamanakako Communication Plaza KIRARA.
There will be thousands of ice candles, made by filling milk cartons and other containers with water and letting them freeze outdoors, a handcraft well suited to Lake Yamanaka.
After the candle lighting ceremony (at 17:30) there will be a fireworks display, for a magical event where you can feast your eyes on ice candles and fireworks over the backdrop of Mt. Fuji. (6 minutes by car from the hotel)



Ninja Experience

A must-see for all ninja enthusiasts. Try out ninja weapons, such as the "shuriken" (throwing blade) and the "fukiya" (blowgun), or practice your compulsory ninja .....more information



Heartwarming illumination

In Hananomiyako Park, an illumination event is held that adds bright color to Lake Yamanaka. The weather around Lake Yamanaka is extremely cold in this season, but local volunteers decorate the area for this event as a part of local revitalization. There are also snack booths in the venue, featuring an array of warm dishes. Fireworks displays also take place every Saturday except for December 30th, throughout the Christmas and New Year's season. Held until January 3rd. (15 minutes by car from the hotel)



Fall Foliage Festival

Each year the "Yuyake no Nagisa, Fall Foliage Festival" takes place at Asahigaoka Lakeside Parkland, where the fall colors are illuminated at night along a 600-meter expanse. The park has a promenade and benches with tables. Hot drinks and snacks are also available. (until Nov 12. Illumination 4:30–9:00 PM) (10 minutes by car from the hotel)



Mt. Fuji at the magic hour

A shot of Mt. Fuji at the magic hour, as seen from the observation point on Fujimi Bridge near Shin-Misaka Tunnel on Japan National Route 137. (43 minutes by car from the hotel)



Colorful flower and swan parents and children.

Red・yellow・orange Cosmos sulphureus and blue Western Morning glory (Ipomoea tricolor) bloom in Hananomiyako Park. Cosmos sulphureus is native to Mexico, it is strong in the heat and makes the flowers bloom well even in the height of summer. Until mid-October is the best time to see. (the first photo) Western Morning glory maintains the quality of flowers than Japanese morning glory. In summer, the flowers are blooming until about noon, and in autumn they are sometimes blooming until evening and the next day. (the second photo)
Also at the lake, children of swan were born and you can see them swimming with their parents. (15 minutes by car from the hotel)



Peach Farmer's Sweets

The La Casa Della Pesca cafe offers sweets that are made with plenty of fresh peaches, treats that are unique to Peach Farmer-run places. The most popular item is the parfait "Peach Jewel" (¥1,080) that contains a whole peach. Note that the cafe closes for the year on September 30th. It is crowded on weekends, so visits on weekdays are recommended. (70 minutes by car from the hotel)



The best treat for a hot summer day

Shaved ice using natural ice made from the delicious underground water of Mt. Fuji. The fluffy texture from natural ice topped with peaches makes this a delicious dish unique to Yamanashi. At a diameter of 20cm, we recommend this dish be shared by 2 people. It will be available in the hotel lounge until September 10th. (¥1,600)



Hananomiyako Park

A grand flower carpet spread across the foothills of Mt Fuji. With flower gardens covering an area of approximately.....more information



Amphibious bus

An amphibious bus that is quite unusual in Japan called "KABA" (hippopotamus). After driving through the lakeside forest, it dives straight into the lake, creating quite a splash. Another thing to look forward to the is the crew's performance, which makes the drive and cruise even more fun and exciting. (10 minutes by car from the hotel)



Great Spot To Photograph Mt. Fuji

This is a great spot to photograph Mt. Fuji. Both of these photos were taken in winter, the first in midnight and the second at dawn. Mt. Fuji changes expression at different seasons, times, and weather. Capture your very own picture of Mt. Fuji here.(10 minutes by car from the hotel)



Sunset Fuji

At the famous picture spot on Mt. Fuji's "Panorama Platform". Mt. Fuji dyed orange by the setting sun makes for an exceptional view.(10 minutes by car from the hotel)



360 Degree Panorama

Koyodai offers a 360 degree panoramic view of Mt. Fuji, Aokigahara Sea of Trees, as well as Lake Motosu, Lake Saiko, and the Akaishi Mountains. In early November, the landscape will be painted in beautiful autumn colors.(50 minutes by car from the hotel)




Long ago, a village by a lake in the mountains raised money to purchase some swans. The birds were then entrusted to the care of the swan loving villagers and other interested parties.(15 minutes by car from the hotel)




Yamanashi is known as the land of fruits.
The popular peach-picking takes place in summer, but peaches delight people even in spring.
"Togenkyo (peach paradise)" is an apt name for the peach orchard in Misaka. Depending on the location, you can enjoy viewing both the cherry and peach blossoms. (About an hour by car from the hotel.)



Spring has come late

This is Yamanakako Lake this morning. Spring has finally come to the lake and the cherry trees have started to bloom. The surface of the lake was sparkling under the sunshine.(10 minutes by car from the hotel)